Obama Response to Budget Crisis: Hit The Road

An interesting negotiating strategy. The only thing Obama knows how to do is campaign.
Check it out:

One would think that if the budget crisis is going to be resolved, it’s going to happen somewhere in the one-mile stretch between the White House and Capitol Hill.

But while Congress convened once again Thursday to weigh a set of mini-spending bills, President Obama hit the stump 20 miles away — taking his bid to pressure Republicans, once again, on the road.

At a construction company in Rockville, Md., Obama blasted the “reckless Republican shutdown in Washington,” and called on Congress to fix it by passing a budget “with no partisan strings attached.”

He warned that the economic impact will get “worse” the longer it drags on, and accused House Speaker John Boehner of catering to “extremists” by not bringing a straight budget bill to the floor.



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