Obama: I Never Said I Wouldn’t Negotiate

Obama can’t keep up with his lies.
Check it out:

The AP had a story back on September 27th and they were ecstatic. The AP was as joyous and happy as they could be. “Obama’s No-Negotiation Stance Setting New Tone.” September 27th. So he’s out there today saying (imitating Obama), “I’ll negotiate any day. I’ll negotiate any day, anytime, anywhere, as long as they’re going to agree with me. If they’re not going to agree with me, why should I negotiate?” And that’s, in essence, his position.

I’m telling you, folks, look, I don’t want to make too much of it because it could all change overnight. But as we sit here now, with this confluence of events, the rolling out of Obamacare, the disaster that’s happening at the exchanges. People sign up, finding out that their premium expenses are skyrocketing and the government shutdown because the Republicans appear to be on people’s side for the first time in their minds. And the Republicans appear eager to talk. Somehow the news has gotten out that Republicans are offering to fund efforts to help kids get cancer treatment and the Democrats aren’t. And one of the ways that happened was Harry Reid said (paraphrasing), “Why should I care about those kids?”

The polling data is all about the fact that it’s the Democrats. You’ve got to remember how Obama got elected. You have to remember what people thought his election would mean. No more partisanship. No more bickering. Obama was going to end that. Obama was magic. Obama was something that had never before graced American politics. Obama was going to end all this chump change infantile stuff. And all it’s done is gotten worse. So Jay Carney today and Obama himself today, “Oh, we’re willing to negotiate every day. We’ve said that.” No, you didn’t. Back on September 27th, AP: “Obama’s No-Negotiation Stance Setting New Tone.” And they were happy about it.



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