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President Obama and the Obama Administration has no respect for the military or for Veterans who have served this country and in defending our freedoms, provided the opportunity for a young man from a broken mixed race family to rise up to become the most powerful man in the world. No thanks necessary, and none received from this arrogant, elitist, revengeful, entitled, petulant child of a leader.

Much like we saw during the so-called “sequester,” a hair-brained scheme of President Obama’s which with the help of his puppy-dog media he was able to blame on Republicans, we saw kids stopped from touring the White House while the President took trips to Hawaii and Africa on the taxpayer’s millions. Now, with the government shutdown, comes another opportunity to flex his power needlessly and shamefully: Veterans are being denied entry to visit the World War II memorial in Washington under the guise of the park being shut-down due to the Federal shut-down.

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