Obama is So Incompetent, He Couldn’t Properly Build a System Designed to Fail

ObamaCare will just become another unfunded entitlement.
Check it out:

Now, according to CBS MarketWatch, the regime will delay enforcement of the personal mandate extending how long Americans may go uninsured before facing a penalty under –” all of this is moot now. If you do not get a tax refund, all this is moot. Senate Democrats, Dana Bash, CNN, we got it coming up with the audio sound bites. Senate Democrats up for reelection unanimously want to delay the individual mandate ’til January 2015, after the election. Yes. You heard right. They want to delay the individual mandate.

Now, just last week, folks, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, me, anybody suggesting that the individual mandate be delayed, to be fair with the corporate mandate, what were we called? Terrorists, the equivalent of the KKK, racist, crazy, extremist kooks, mean-spirited hatemongers. Bomb throwers. Hostage takers. Extortionists. Nazis. Just last week, those of us who reasonably said to the president, who said he’s willing to listen to all offers, “Well, since the employer mandate’s been delayed for a year, let’s even things out, let’s delay the individual mandate for a year.”

You’re extortionists. You’re hostage-taking. I’m not gonna sit here and negotiate with ransom demands, Obama said. One week later, when elected Democrats up for reelection want to do it, now we’re going to do it for the American people. (interruption) Oh, what do I mean by Obama’s so incompetent he can’t — well, that’s easy. Let me ‘splain this to you. We all know, and this is further evidence today. We all know. (interruption) Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve got sound bites from the hearings. Just sit tight. I’m in the middle of something. Jeez. Folks, I’m really trying to stay focused for you. I am so excited to tell you things, and others are excited to hear me say things, that they want it now. But I gotta say it when I’m ready.



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