Obama Admin Asks Blue Cross Blue Shield to Hide Poor Enrollment Numbers

So much for the transparent administration.
Check it out:

In a bombshell revelation, a consumer sales manager for North Dakota’s largest health insurer said Monday that the Obama Administration asked Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota to hide how many people registered for health insurance through an online exchange that just went up.

James Nichol of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota told a forum in Fargo that the Obama Administration had made the request. The forum was designed for people who wanted to obtain coverage through the online exchange.

A spokeswoman from Blue Cross Blue Shield acknowledged that only 14 North Dakotans have registered for coverage since October 1, when the federal exchange hit the market. There have only been 20 enrollees in the entire state since October 1. When she was asked why Blue Cross eschewed its usual reticence and revealed its internal sales numbers, spokeswoman Andrea Dinneen said Tuesday that the troubled rollout of ObamaCare is a “unique situation.” Dinneen said she had no knowledge of the Obama Administration’s request for concealing any figures.



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