NYC Mayoral Frontrunner Wants Central Park To Spread The Wealth Around

Hilarious. Liberals have no idea how to manage anything!
Check it out:

This is why we can’t have nice things, New Yorkers might have muttered when they heard the news: Bill de Blasio, a shoo-in to be elected mayor next month, supports a plan to gut one of New York City’s most successful policy innovations of the past three decades.

That innovation is Central Park, the crown jewel of America’s urban parks. De Blasio made headlines when it was revealed that he supports a plan to redistribute money from Central Park’s operating budget to other, smaller parks throughout the city.

That may sound innocuous, but take a closer look. It would be one thing if de Blasio was proposing to move money around within the city’s $380 million parks and recreation budget. Instead, de Blasio has endorsed a plan to raid the assets of the private nonprofit group that runs Central Park.

The New York state senate bill proposed by Brooklyn senator Daniel Squadron would create a new “Neighborhood Parks Alliance” to redirect money to city parks considered neglected. The money would come from management conservancies like the Central Park Conservancy, Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Alliance, the Battery Conservancy at Manhattan’s southern tip, and the High Line. According to the proposal, private conservancies with operating budgets over $5 million would be required to surrender 20 percent of their operating budgets to the Neighborhood Parks Alliance.

“I think we have to share the wealth a little bit here,” de Blasio said in an interview over the summer. Such a plan to raid the coffers of private, not-for-profit groups would likely not pass constitutional muster, but if it did, the result would be dreadful for all parks—and philanthropy—in New York City.



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