The Nuclear Option: Best. Shutdown. Ever!

The liberals will cave eventually.
Check it out:

Fear not the shutdown, Republicans in Congress!

You are the supposedly conservative alternative in politics, and we are currently $16 trillion in the hole. The least you can do is stop spending so much money everyday to keep the vile beast going. Also, as the supposedly conservative alternative, you should be thrilled that all the “non-essential” bureaucrats have been sent home while our military remains at post.

For most of us innocent taxpayers, this suits us just fine. The only people who should be scared are the big government enthusiasts when the vast majority of Americans realize they didn’t even notice the monstrous federal government had shut down; it shows the public they really don’t need all of this nonsense that hurls us deeper and deeper into a abyss of debt with every passing week.

Yet being slippery politicians, Republican leaders in Congress cannot help but worry about the political fallout. They clutch their pearls and wrench their undergarments and fret over how badly Republicans lost the “blame game” the last time the federal government shut down in 1996.

But today is a whole different deal.



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