NSA chief makes ‘amazing’ revelation

Is it time to do away with the NSA yet?
Check it out:

“I think you’ll find some amazing things, stay tuned,” said Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency, to WND during an early break in the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday.

When WND asked him what kind of things, he replied, “Don’t believe everything you read in the media.”

Alexander appeared before the committee with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, following revelations in recent days that the NSA has been spying on the leaders of 35 foreign countries, including close allies such as Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

‘There will be changes’

But it may have been the general who was in for a surprise, when Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., took him to task for the damage she said the NSA spying revelations have done to U.S. relations with allies.

The congresswoman was adamant in insisting there had been a diminishing of relations with allies, and “this is just a fact.”



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