Nobody’s Madder Than Obama? It’s His Stupid Plan!

Obama is such a joke. How foolish were liberals for electing him?
Check it out:

Marco Rubio says he’s going to introduce a bill to delay the individual mandate until is up and running normally and for six months. Now, it’ll never be signed into law, obviously, but Marco Rubio is attempting to make a statement and use the legislative effort here as an illustration of the absolute mess that this thing is. Even the Drive-By Media, my Obamacare Stack today is littered with Drive-By Media criticism. I mean, they’re really worried about this. They’re really worried about Obama for this. And most of them are really surprised. Most of them really thought that this was gonna be better than anything. Most of them are shocked. Most of them can’t believe it’s this bad. That’s how much faith they’ve got in Obama. That’s how much faith they’ve got in government.

Jay Carney yesterday said Obama is frustrated with the rollout. Yeah, right in line with the Limbaugh Theorem. Obama himself said that he’s very, very distressed about this. “Nobody madder than me about the fact the website isn’t working as well as it should.” It’s his website! It’s his stupid health care plan! It is his signature health care! It’s called Obamacare! Nobody madder than he is? You know, folks, I haven’t watched a network nightly news show in years. I kid you not. I haven’t done so in years and last night I found out why, or I reacquainted myself with why.

When I turned on the tube it came on to the NBC affiliate here, Channel 5, so I must have been watching football on Sunday, that’s what it was, and I must have given up even before halftime. I said, “I can’t. I gotta go to bed.” The Broncos and Colts game, I didn’t make it to halftime. So I turned off the TV. I then turned it on and right at the beginning Brian Williams introducing F. Chuck Todd on the White House lawn with an update in the story on what had happened with Obama in the press conference. “I’ll watch this.” There’s Brian, “And now we take to you our man on the scene, Chuck Todd, White House correspondent, NBC News political director,” and couple of other resume points.



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