Nate Silver to Dems: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Those maps of big city liberals is always interesting.
Check it out:

I was just made aware of something. The latest survey guru out there is Nate Silver, who left the New York Times and went to join ESPN. Nate Silver has accurately analyzed polling data and selected which polling data is accurate and has made accurate predictions based on it. His track record’s pretty good. He is basically saying this NBC/Wall Street Journal poll doesn’t mean anything, and particularly it doesn’t mean anything about future elections because it doesn’t provide any data about that.

The sample is screwed and so forth. He said he’s not convinced things look bad for the Republicans yet at all in 2014 because the generic ballot hasn’t caved on the Republicans. The generic Republican ballot asks people, “Do you vote Republican or Democrat?” Not a candidate’s name. You know, it keeps people’s congressmens’ names out of the question. Just party affiliation, generic ballot. The bottom has not fallen out of the Republican Party on that.

Folks, I’m not trying to keep you bucked up or from walking over the ledge. I’m just the mayor of Realville here. I know how this stuff works. It’s Obama that’s taken it on the chin this week. Are you aware that truckers want to shut down Washington because of Obamacare and Obama regulations? Are you aware that military families are fit to be tied over Obama? Did you hear what he tried to do the other day on this death benefit thing? This was unbelievable!



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