How Much Will Obamacare Coverage Cost?

And why do they think that people who don’t pay for a thing will pay for this?
Check it out:

As many Americans are losing their current health plans, they may be striking out on their own into Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges. (Or at least they will be, if the website ever starts working.)

Thanks to a new study from Heritage, you can quickly get a sense of the Obamacare prices hitting your state’s individual insurance market.

Heritage analyst Drew Gonshorowski is a step ahead. He took all the available data released thus far from the states and federal government and calculated the average premium change (per month) from buying health insurance in the non-group market to buying in the Obamacare exchanges.

Unsurprisingly, Obamacare brings increases across the board. The news is particularly bad for young people. In at least 11 states, the hike for a 27-year-old is more than 100 percent.



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