Mike Lee and Ted Cruz Fight for You

We need to have their backs.
Check it out:

These Tea Party people are dead serious. They’re not all political novices now. They are dead set committed into turning the Republican Party into a constitutional conservative party. It is happening, and it’s happening not in Washington. It’s happening in the grassroots. And that’s why the “inside the Beltway” news apparatus, or whatever they are, don’t get it. They don’t see it. Even if they were to be told, they wouldn’t get it. They get it in their heads that a bunch of people are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, kook, extremist, and that’s it. That’s all they can see.

They have no legitimacy to them whatsoever and so whatever they are engaged in is also illegitimate. They are not interested. They are the most closed minded bunch of people. They are not worth listening to. They are not worth investing all that trust. They really aren’t. They’re not even media. I got a note the other day: “You know what, Rush? We’re the mainstream. We need to call them the legacy news.” I said, “How old is this?” This is from a person who thought they wrote something brand new, a Republican, 30 years behind the times. They’re not media. They’re disguised in camouflage. Well, I mean, they’re media. They’re not news.

Scott Walker in Wisconsin, does anybody remember? We were told Walker had no prayer. We were told Scott Walker was going to be given his walking papers. The unions were going to destroy Scott Walker! There was no way Scott Walker was going to be able to reform Wisconsin. “There’s no way he will be able to fire people, no way he’s going to be able to cut the budget, no way he’s going to do anything,” and guess what?

Scott Walker yesterday called for a $100 million tax cut because the State of Wisconsin’s running a surplus, and the same people saying Cruz is a wacko lunatic, idiot, extremist ought to go — the same people saying that about Mike Lee — tried to destroy Scott Walker in Wisconsin, too, the Republican governor. I know it’s hard. You have to find all these things yourself, and then you have to believe them, and you don’t get any reinforcement.

You don’t get any gratification because you don’t hear any of this in the media. It’s like outdoor billboard advertising. I’ve always had a theory about it. Outdoor billboard advertising is not really designed to attract new customers. You know what the purpose of it is? Big billboards, the fact that they are big billboards, if they advertise something you use, it validates your opinion. You look at that billboard with pride. “Yeah, I buy that. Yeah, I use that. Yeah, they’re big. Oh, they advertise.”

It’s a reinforcement.



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