The Mess We’re in was Avoidable

Sure, if we government would stay out of our business things would be great.
Check it out:

You know, the Washington establishment, look at how many people feed off of, live off of every aspect of government. I mean, they literally live off it, and I’m not talking about warfare recipients. I’m talking about people that live in that town, that work in ancillary businesses. It’s all about government, and that’s where all the money is collected. That’s where it all goes and everybody there is trying to get their take and have power over it, power of the purse kind of person.

Maybe one of the reasons why they don’t do the teaching is ’cause there hasn’t been any opposition. I mean, there’s been the perfunctory opposition to health care. “We Republicans aren’t for that!” But when it came time to really roll up the sleeves, that’s when they said, “Well, you know, Rush, elections have consequences. After all, Obama did win.” Well, what about 2010? What consequences were there of that? I mean, that was an historic GOP landslide. What consequences did that election have?

That election is not allowed to count for anything.

“Ah, that was those locoweed Tea Party people! Ah, you can’t count that! Why, 2010 didn’t mean anything, Rush.”

Yeah, really? They swept the Democrats out of the House. I mean, it was a huge shellacking.

“Yes, but it didn’t mean anything, because that was an election against government.”

So I don’t know, folks. Again, what ticks me off is all of this was knowable — all of it — and here’s Charlene, and I think she’s typical, too. “Well, he is our president, and he won the election, and we give our presidents the benefit of the doubt, and we all want our presidents to do well.” Right. It’s probably an attitude felt/shared by gazillions of Americans. I fully realize that most people aren’t nearly as political in their outlook as I am. I realize most people aren’t as ideological.

But I also realize what a better country it would be if more people were, because those are the forces that are working against everybody. There are political/ideological forces aligned against the little guy, the average guy, the middle class — Charlene just said it — and they don’t see it. But they might see it as incompetence. They might see it as, “Well, you know, he’s a great guy. He just doesn’t know what he’s doing,” but the Republicans didn’t even go after it in that way.

You don’t have to be a purebred, ideological person in order to reject this stuff.

You can go at it in other ways, but they didn’t even try that.



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