Somehow the media is ignoring the consequences of ObamaCare.
Check it out:

So I got out of bed and I have to admit I was a little worried. I went to the wall plate and I hit the button for the blackout shades, and they began to open. And then I hit the button for the solar shades, and they began to open. And then I got the courage to actually walk to the window, and I looked out there, you know what I saw? I saw a blue sky. And I felt such relief, I can’t tell you, my friends. Yes, I saw a blue sky. I saw at least three-quarters of all essential birds up at work and singing. I guess the nonessential birds got the day off.

School kids, I found out, are still gonna get breakfast, lunch, snack, ecstasy, whatever else they get, still on display and still in plentiful supply. All of the welfare checks and all of the food stamp cards are still usable. They have not been shut down. Everybody in Obama’s base depending on government is going to have a fine day, even though CNN is now got another clock up. Yesterday they had their countdown clock. Now they’ve got a count going on the length of time the government has been shut down.

Look, I don’t mean to sound off-putting here, but I have been doing this for 25 years, and as a result — you’ve been alive for all this time, I mean, most of you have. It’s amazing how similar all of this is. It’s amazing the formula that exists here. It’s amazing the absence of any real news about what is happening in this country. It is nothing more than a template and a narrative that’s dragged out, pulled out of a drawer, that’s held for every time something like this happens.

And everything that’s been said about every government shutdown in my lifetime is being said. Well, except I didn’t even know when the government was shut down during the Reagan years, and there were a lot of times when it was. I didn’t even know it. I think the government was shut down seven times during the Reagan years. I have to look up the number, but it was a significant number. But a big deal wasn’t made of that.

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