Media Malpractice on Shutdown Politics

The media is in love with Obama.
Check it out:

Just got urgent news from the Washington Post. I have this urgent news right here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers ’cause I just printed it out. Urgent breaking news from the Washington Post: “You Will No Longer Be Able to Watch This Baby Panda Online if the Government Shuts Down.” Right there it is. That’s the headline right there with a picture of the panda. I’m showing it there. Urgent news, Washington Post!

Next thing you know, we’re gonna hear that they’re gonna close the sleigh ride concession, Jellystone National Park. I know there’s no snow yet, but there will be soon, and there won’t be any sleigh rides. It’s gonna be a repeat. Now you can’t watch the panda video. So what do we conclude? Republicans hate animals, and Republicans hate the zoo, and they don’t want young kids to be able to watch nature.

Next we’ll hear that the school lunch program is being cut, shut down, because of this. Just a repeat. It’s a rehash of everything that’s happened and been said before. The AP story on this is journalistic malpractice. Let me see if I even bothered to print that out. I think I did. Yep. You gotta figure now… I don’t know how many people read newspapers, but I know that a lot of people get their news online now at places like Yahoo or Twitter or whatever, and people get their news from AP.

Much as you might wish it weren’t so, AP is published in over 4,000 or 5,000 different places every day, and it’s basically a press release from the Democrat Party on this whole thing. They have a story by a guy named Andrew Taylor, and it starts out, “With the government teetering on the brink of partial shutdown, congressional Republicans vowed Sunday to keep using an otherwise routine federal funding bill to try to attack the president’s health care law.”



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