The Media Doesn’t Always Win

Liberals need the media to help keep their flock misinformed.
Check it out:

They actually live in a dream world where the media’s going to like them, the media’s going to respect them. It never works. The only thing that works is holding out for what you believe. I’ll tell you this, too, folks. Let me just say, speaking bluntly, that if Ted Cruz and Mike Lee would go away — which is what the Republican donor class is supposedly demanding. The Republican consultants class is demanding it. McCain is demanding it.

You know, the “Get off my lawn!” people are demanding it, all of the old, tired, worn-out Republican losers are demanding that Cruz and Lee go away. If they did go away, the problem would remain because Cruz and Lee aren’t the problem. The content of the Republican Party — the product, the brand, whatever way you want to characterize it — is not what the best customers want, the heavy users want. This is a business analogy, and I admit that it’s flawed, but it’s as close as I can get.

Any brand that sells a product or service has its best customers, and they do whatever they can to keep them, by definition. Particularly in a brand crisis or any other kind of challenge. The Republican Party is doing the exact opposite. They are taking their best users and acting embarrassed of them and trying to find ways to get rid of them and it just makes no sense. So the brand remains diminished in a culture that is hostile to the perception of what “Republican” has come to mean.

The leaders of the Republican Party do not understand that it’s not the Mike Lees and the Ted Cruzes and the Rush Limbaughs or whatever name of conservative you want to add into this list. That’s not the problem with the Republican Party brand. I haven’t lost an election yet, and I haven’t run for one, either. But Ted Cruz wins elections. Mike Lee wins elections. In fact, the fact of the matter is this party just can’t keep nominating McCains and moderates and Northeasterners and establishment types who think that the future of the party is to be Democrat lite.

That’s not going to fix the brand damage, but they think it is.

They think the brand damage is because of conservatives.

It’s not.



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