Why Not Make Democrats Vote to Exempt Themselves from Obamacare Every Day?

Liberals like to be treated like royalty.
Check it out:

If the Democrats want to make sure that they’re exempted from Obamacare, then make them show it, make them demonstrate it, make them oppose a piece of legislation that would require them to go to exchanges like we’re all gonna have to do. Now, the Republicans in the House and in the Senate did not want to attach Vitter to this cave-in bill, and some think that that’s because the FreedomWorks and the Heritage Action Group advised them not to. The point of that is real simple. All the FreedomWorks and Heritage Action people want, is they want Congress to focus on defunding and delaying Obamacare for us, for the American people.

To hell with these people in Congress. Their vision is much larger. I mean, in addition to gotcha points, which is what the Vitter bill is, the people at FreedomWorks and Heritage, the Tea Party groups, are acting on behalf of the American people. If members of Congress are gonna get their delay and waiver, why shouldn’t you? You know, why shouldn’t we instead make a move legislatively that delays the individual mandate for a year, as well as do the Vitter thing? That’s the only point they were making. It’s fine and dandy if you’re gonna throw the Vitter thing in, but you don’t have to throw it into this continuing resolution bill. You can throw that up any time. You could throw it up every day or as often as legislatively permissible.

I think it’s classic. I think it’s something that you could score a lot of points with: make the Democrats vote against them having to use Obamacare. By the way, has Obama gone to an exchange yet? Has Obama gone to the website and signed up? Well, now, don’t laugh. It’s his damn bill. Shouldn’t he be the first one in line? Shouldn’t he be the first one showing how wonderful it is, showing how easy it is, showing how wonderful the system works? He’s not gonna go anywhere near it, folks. A health care bill named after him that he proudly accepts, and he’s not gonna be anywhere near it. So why should we? Members of Congress, they’re gonna get their exemption, and the only thing that Freedom Works and these other people were advocating was, well, then let’s make sure the American people get a waiver, too. That was the only point. The Cruz, Lee faction, that was their point.

I don’t know what you believe based on the reporting, but I am here to tell you that these Tea Party groups have been working with you in mind, all of us in mind, the American people, and protecting you and providing you an out like everybody else is getting. The unions are getting theirs, some businesses have gotten their waivers. You know, various friends of Congress have gotten theirs, but you haven’t. Not even these little lunatic Obama base members are getting any relief from it.



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