Maine Town Council Insults Christmas AND Veterans

Liberals really need to think for just a few minutes to realize how insane they sound.
Check it out:

This week, O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to northern New England to find out why a majority of the town council of Bar Harbor, Maine, voted to remove a coniferous war memorial from the village.

In 2011, a tree decked with colored lights was placed to memorialize American veterans, notably those involved in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

The battle, which took place during the Christmas season of 1944, resulted in thousands of American casualties.

Many of the soldiers who fought in the battle often thought of Christmas memories of being home with their families, while they were entrenched a world away in the Ardennes.

One town councilmember told Jesse that the tree constituted a “complicated symbol”, while the town manager described it as “tacky”.

Jesse also took the pulse of the public over the ordeal, during which one man described the council’s actions as “ridiculous”.



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