What If “Let It Collapse” Chorus is Wrong?

Government is about to collapse on its own weight.
Check it out:

It’s exactly right and a great description. It’s a weed, and Miracle Grow or whatever the hell you use on weeds isn’t gonna work on this. Roundup, is that what it is? Roundup’s the weed killer? Well, there is no weed killer for this. Well, there is, actually, defunding it. Anyway, that’s a good description of it. I think the Let It Collapse Chorus, it’d be great if that happened, but it requires a certain level of education among the population.

I don’t know. It’s not my nature to sit around and hope things will collapse, especially when that strategy hasn’t yet worked. I remember people back in 1992 saying, “Come on, Rush! Get out of the way and let Clinton win. Let Clinton win! Republicans suck anyway so let Clinton win.
Let people see how bad country gets when the Democrats run it.” Well, it didn’t work, ’cause Democrats continue to be elected after that. (interruption)

What are you laughing at in there? What the hell’s so funny? Weeds? I don’t want to go to Home Depot. They’re all thinking I have just stepped in it. See, because I don’t know what the weed killer is, that means I’m out of touch and not a real person, so they want to take me to Home Depot and show me what the weed killers are. Roundup is the weed killer? I’ve heard of Roundup. You know, it’s a serious question.

There are no weeds where I live. I’ve done away with ’em all. Whenever a weed pops up, it’s done away with. I don’t have to do it. Why do I not get credit for that? I’m expanding the economy. I’m hiring other people take care of my weeds, and yet I’m somehow to blame ’cause I don’t do it myself. But I do do it myself. I’m being productive in other ways while others are being paid to de-weed my place. Yeah, have you ever had a neighbor, one of these every spare moment he’s fixing up his house?



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