The “Let It Collapse” Chorus Grows

No sure there is going to be a let it since it seems to be happening on its own.
Check it out:

Let’s look at it in your terms because I think you’re onto something here a little bit. Basically you’re saying conservatives deal with reality. Truth is reality, it’s what we deal with every day. That’s our world. Liberals see an imperfect world. They see an unfair world. They see an unjust and immoral world, and they think it can be perfected by them because they are better people. I have often said that liberalism is the most gutless, easy choice you can make because all you have to do is look at suffering and say how much you hate it. You don’t even have to fix it. You just get to say, “Oh, that’s so horrible” and you automatically are said to care. And caring, see, conservatives don’t care, precisely because they’re rooted in reality. And if you’re rooted in reality, you see all the horrors out there. But you don’t care because they don’t move you.

But liberals, everything is imperfect, it’s unjust, and there’s so many psychological explanations for this. They’re looking to make themselves think they’re better people or look like better people, or in many cases there’s a different reason for every person. Some, they just want to be close to power. For example, I always ask myself, how does a smart, as you say, brilliant CEO of a modern entrepreneurial company sign on with a bunch of statists?

And there’s an answer. The answer is: As long as they get close to the statist, they’re close to power, and maybe the statists will leave them alone or grant them favors from the state. Most favored nation status or what have you. But it’s about power, it’s about status, and it’s about being near it, and the implicit promise that the statist will leave you alone if you happen to be on his side. Then the other factors come into play.

“Well, as a liberal, that means I care about people. I have compassion! I’m for gay marriage. I’m for equal rights, and I want to save the planet, and I want to protect the stupid whales and seals — not “stupid,” the smart whales and seals — and the dolphins. And you other people, you don’t care!” Liberalism does not involve thinking so much. Conservatism does. I’ve always thought it’s an intellectual pursuit, even though people live their lives that way.

My dad had a good way of explaining it. He said, “Son, it’s always amazed me here in the neighborhood. There isn’t one person here in our neighborhood, son, that will go knocking on doors and ask for money for whatever reason. Kid needs it. The kid needs to go to school. Somebody needs to go to the doctor. There’s not one neighbor in our neighborhood who’ll come knocking on our door or anybody else’s and come asking for money, but they will vote for people who will do it for them,” and it’s true.

The point is that most people actually do live their lives as conservatives. And, of course, liberalism has that really added benefit that all of this compassion and magic always happens with somebody else’s money.



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