Krauthammer on Obama: He Can’t Afford To Be Remembered As The First President Who Defaulted

How about the President who collapsed the country?
Check it out:

I think that the dynamic here is clear. He wins on the shutdown of the government, he loses on the debt ceiling, and he is really afraid of that debt ceiling. He says he won’t bend on this. Of course, he’ll have to at the 11th hour. He can’t afford to be remembered as the first president who defaulted or allowed, you know, a condition to which it could happen.

So, I think what we just heard in that sound bite was he pointed to an exit ramp for the speaker. He basically says, ‘well, I said I won’t negotiate while the debt ceiling is hanging over us, so you give me a three-week extension.’ Boehner has said, ‘I won’t give in on this and give him a clean extension.’ So it won’t be a clean extension of the debt ceiling, it will be I’ll give you three weeks, but you got to give me a committee. He told how he wants it it structured — 20 members. I’ll give you the agenda, it will be attached. So it will be a conditional extension.

I think the president, he gets away and he finesses it. Boehner will finesse it. Now whether it will succeed or not, I have no idea. We know what happened the last time around. They had a supercommittee which didn’t succeed. But that’s the way you avoid the disaster from the president’s perspective. And Boehner has said all I want is negotiation — he would get it.



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