Should You Know Who You’re Subsidizing?

Basically ObamaCare will turn into another unfunded entitlement.
Check it out:

According to the Heritage Foundation, the regime’s caught in a new Obamacare dilemma.

“Remember sequestration? Those automatic budget cuts that went into effect when Congress failed to do real budgeting a couple of years ago?” Well, guess what? Sequestration is running into Obamacare now. “Both laws have been around for awhile, but the Obama Administration hasn’t done anything to prepare for their collision,” which is beginning to happen. “The cuts are hitting a set of subsidies that were supposed to help pay deductibles and co-pays for lower-income Americans with Obamacare coverage.”

Did you know that? Yes! The sequester, got bless it, God love the sequester, the sequester is hitting the subsidies. The sequester is preventing the subsidies from being paid. The sequester is legitimate budget cuts. “An Obama official pledged there would be a plan before the Obamacare exchanges opened on October 1, but that didn’t happen.”

So now what? Well, Heritage says that there are two possible outcomes. In the Wall Street Journal today: “The first possibility is that individuals who have managed to enroll in subsidized health insurance will find they’ve been misled about their copays and deductibles. Families who currently think their plan will charge a $20 copayment for doctor visits may instead face a $25 charge when the sequester kicks in. Individuals who now believe they face maximum out-of-pocket costs of $2,000 may end up paying hundreds more.”

The other option is to stick the insurance companies with the cuts and tell them to deal with it, and that would cost them about $286 million through next September. Heritage says that no matter which way the regime goes on this it does not help and it does not look good.



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