Jeb Rips Cruz: ‘Have a Little Bit of Self-Restraint’

What a RINO. We’ve had enough RINO’s run for President.
Check it out:

Appearing on ABC News’ This Week, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush ripped into Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) over the government shutdown, stating, “have a little bit of self-restraint. It might actually be a politically better approach to see the massive dysfunction. But we don’t even hear about that because we’ve stepped on that message. And I think Republicans need to just take a step back and allow — show a little self-restraint and let this happen a little more organically.”

Bush went on to say that the best way to defeat Obamacare would be to “have an alternative. We never hear the alternative. We could do this in a much lower cost with improved quality based on our principles, free market principles, and two, show how ObamaCare, flawed to its core, doesn’t work.”

He further stated that the problem with Washington D.C. was lack of civility rather than an extreme Democratic Party bent on implementation of the single most dangerous piece of legislation in generations: “I think we have a systemic problem in Washington right now and the void of leadership is making it harder to get to a better place.



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