Is Miley the New America?

Some people crave attention for the sake of attention.
Check it out:

Oh, Miley. You’ve definitely succeeded in getting our attention. You’ve managed to offend pretty much all people groups…

Hannah Montana fans – check.
Self-respecting adults – check.
People over 40 (see interview with Matt Lauer) – check.
People who suffer from tiny strokes (think SNL appearance) – check.

The only people group I can think of who hasn’t been offended by the Miley circus is what I’ll call the amoral, tolerant libs.

Miley is the definition of the new America – this new America that embraces atheism and moral relativism. Miley Cyrus is the product of our malignant culture – a culture that has forsaken its conscience – a culture that has forsaken logic and the idea that there is a right and a wrong.



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