Illinois Delays CCW Application Deadline – Can a Wrongful Death Case Follow?

We have to be able to protect ourselves.
Check it out:

You can take a concealed carry class in Illinois now, but you can’t get your permit until April.

Originally slated to accept January 1 applications, the state police say they’re “not ready yet” and that “The Illinois State Police originally told us (applications would be accepted) Jan. 1, now they’ve backed it up to around Jan. 10 because they’re not ready,” Ron Darnall, a gun range owner near Bloomington, stated Monday. “We understand now, instead of March, it’s going to be April before the first cards are sent out.” John Jackson, co-owner of Capital City Arms Supply in Springfield and one of over 900 instructors who have been authorized by the state police has over 200 people on a waiting list. This is one of the reasons I love living in Missouri, the whole process takes about two weeks start to finish.

In the meantime, the city council is claiming, “What we’re essentially doing is making it mandatory for establishments to exercise that right to say, ‘No guns here,’” Donal Quinlan, a spokesman for the city finance committee said. “We can’t regulate guns, but we can revoke their liquor license if they don’t exercise that right.”



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