House Unanimously Gives Feds More Paid Vacation

The crazy thing is there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.
Check it out:

On Saturday, the House voted, unanimously, to give furloughed federal workers back-pay when the government re-opens. The 800,000 “non-essential” workers who are currently prohibited from working will be compensated for their non-work. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dismissed the measure as a “paid vacation,” although the Senate is expected to approve it on Monday.

Keep in mind, most federal workers are still on the job, working and earning a paycheck. This benefit of payment is simply being unanimously granted by the House also to those who aren’t working because the government deems them “non-essential.” Only the federal government could offer better benefits to those deemed “non-essential.”

Personally, I think a designated pool of “non-essential” workers is a good place to start for some overdue trimming of the government workforce. Government shouldn’t really be in the “non-essential” business.



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