House GOP Press Forward on Immigration Amid Budget Fight

This should be easy: Seal the border, and register when you come here. What’s so hard?
Check it out:

In the midst of the government shutdown debate, House Republicans are “quietly” working to advance immigration reform “beneath the radar.”

“Don’t start an obituary for immigration reform just yet,” Fox News Latino declared on Monday.

“Despite the appearance that would suggest everyone in Washington is focused on one thing, work is going on on other issues beneath the radar,” said Tamar Jacoby, head of ImmigrationWorks USA, which is described as “a coalition of small businesses that supports comprehensive immigration legislation.”

According to Fox News Latino, “while the spotlight on Congress is on the partisan brawl over government spending and President Barack Obama’s health care law, some Republicans in the House are quietly working to bring some momentum to work on fixing the immigration system.”

Outside groups like Jacoby’s and lawmakers have all insisted in recent days that “three months after the Democratic-led Senate passed a sweeping immigration bill, the issue is showing signs of life in the Republican-run House.”



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