Why the “most honest 3 minutes on TV ever” is a lie

This is a dated video, but is making its way around on social media again. Makes some interesting points, but the one point we might want to think about is that we don’t live in a free country anymore.
Check it out:

Have you seen this video yet? You’ve got to check out the clip below. It’s of a new show “The Newsroom”, on HBO, staring Jeff Daniels, and written and directed by the guy who gave us the idealized version of a democratic administration in “The West Wing,” Aaron Sorkin.

I know we are probably of like minds on this, but let me vent here. Indulge me.

In the clip below, the Jeff Daniels character sits on a panel at college event, when a student asks the question: “Why do you think America is great?” The woman to the left of Daniels gives a drab, center-left answer and the man to his right (portrayed as the conservative) simply states, “Freedom and Freedom.”

But then, Jeff Daniel’s character shocks the audience and the moderator by challenging the question itself. He goes into an aggressive monologue about why America isn’t great anymore. The audience is left with the choice of the partisan vagaries uttered by the two panelists, or Jeff’s speech on why we are no longer great, but used to be. Watch the clip (caution: it contains profanity) and then see what your take is:



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