In Your Heart You Know He’s Right

Cruz will be one of the top contenders in 2016.
Check it out:

Did you notice even here in the midst of this so-called shocking and embarrassing defeat, Cruz is undeterred and unflappable? He continues unleashing on Obamacare, which we are going to continue to do today, because the news continues to be more devastating. This rollout is absolutely terrible. It is an utter disaster, and Obama’s base is in the process of learning this.

The Democrat Party and their buds in the media have lied to the American people about Obamacare. They have purposely kept from them the truth about it, and they are going to learn the truth simply by living their lives and doing what the law requires them to do. They are going to learn the truth about it from the actual interaction with it, not from hearing somebody tell them about it that they might not believe.

They’re going to encounter the truth by actually coming into contact with it. It’s already starting to happen, and there’s gonna be a price to pay for this, for Obama and his buddies in the Democrats. I don’t pretend to know what the price is. But there’s gonna be a price. They have totally misled people. They’ve totally lied. They didn’t vet this bill just like they didn’t vet Obama. They have purposely lied! People in the media have purposely misled people about what this health care reform bill is.

They have been told it’s free or it’s cheap, that the cost takes $2500 off your premium, that the uninsured are gonna be covered and that everybody’s gonna get treatment, and none of that is true for anywhere near a majority of the people.



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