Insurance is such a racket and now has government backing.
Check it out:

We’ve been inundated with calls from Michigan today. I don’t know how that happened. It just worked out. Glad it did for you. But I’m sure it’s gotta be something that is true from state to state. But let’s not presume that. Let’s just leave it in Michigan because that’s what we know. Look at all the people that are being downsized from full time to part time because their companies can’t stay in business and provide all the full-timers insurance. They have to convert some of them to part time so as not to have to provide health insurance. So they keep their job, reduced hours, lose their health care. They still drive, still have auto insurance. Look at the number of people who are waiting for their own October Surprise to find out their auto insurance is gonna skyrocket because they lose their health insurance.

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