Harry Reid on Helping Kids with Cancer: “Why Would We Want to Do That?”

Will liberals still be able to say they care about children after this?
Check it out:

You know, I don’t want to make too big a deal out of this, but I could. I could spend 15 minutes on this exchange, talking about this. But there are so many other things going on out there, things I wanted to talk about but scroll out of view. I’m just struck. He says he’s not going to fall for the Cruz-led Republican trap. And is what the Cruz-led Republican trap? Cherry-pick. We’re not gonna cherry-pick.

Would somebody explain to me what the hell Obama’s been doing with his own health care plan? He’s been cherry-picking who gets a waiver and who doesn’t. He’s been cherry-picking who’s subject to it and who isn’t. He’s been cherry-picking laws that he doesn’t like left and right, DOMA, gay marriage, you name it, Obama cherry-picks, and if he doesn’t like a law, he just ignores it. But his own health care plan, he decides what will be delayed and what won’t be delayed.

In fact, Betsy McCaughey has made the point that what we are implementing today is not the legislation that was signed into law by Obama. The law as signed by Obama did not have waivers for 2,500 companies, businesses, and unions. The law as signed by Obama did not have a one-year delay of the employer mandate. And the point that she is making in this is that we have a president who is behaving outside the bounds of the Constitution. He’s lawless. By virtue of his own cherry-picking, he’s deciding what parts of his own law he’s going to delay so as not to hurt him or his party in future elections. So the employer mandate, delayed ’til 2015. A bunch of businesses and unions got waivers through the 2012 election.



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