GOP offers short-term debt-limit increase, but wants negotiations before ending shutdown

Will Obama talk now?
Check it out:

House Speaker John Boehner is unveiling plans for a short-term increase in the debt ceiling, asking rank-and-file Republicans to support it ahead of a high-stakes White House meeting.

Key Republican negotiators will head to the White House Thursday afternoon.

A senior GOP aide confirmed that in a meeting Thursday morning with House Republicans, Boehner and his deputies proposed a six-week extension of the debt ceiling. Reaction to the plan appeared to be mixed.

The source said leadership was “taking the temperature of the conference” on the plan. The plan would not have any strings attached to the debt-ceiling increase, but would buy time to negotiate a longer-term deal. Without an agreement, Treasury officials warn the nation will be unable to pay all its bills by Oct. 17.

However, the emerging plan would not address the ongoing partial government shutdown, leaving that issue unresolved. The hope among GOP leaders is that a short-term debt-ceiling deal would bring President Obama to the table to negotiate a new spending bill.



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