Did the GOP Just Discover They’re Winning?

It’s not over til the fat lady sings or in the case Obama sings a new tune.
Check it out:

“We’re gonna win this, I think. We’re gonna win this.” You know Obama canceled the Asia trip? I want to know who in the White House had the brains on that, ’cause that was a smart move. I mean, if he goes over there and starts negotiating with all those people, the ChiComs and whoever else he was gonna meet with, and refuses to negotiate with the Republicans… I mean, don’t forget this is a guy that was elected because he was gonna end all of this, folks.

I’m telling you, I know it’s hard for you to believe. If you just look at the media every day it’s hard to believe. You look at the media and think the Republicans are just getting hammered and hammered, my gosh, just relentless, but I’m telling you, Dingy Harry apologized for his nasty tone on the Senate floor. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid delivered a striking mea culpa on the Senate floor Friday as he opened the chamber, saying he and his colleagues have simply gotten too personal and nasty in their floor debates.”

I don’t think he apologized for not caring about the lives of kids with cancer, but I’m telling you, you don’t see these people ever apologizing for their language or their tone. I’m telling you, it’s coming back to bite ’em. And don’t forget, folks, it’s crucially important. Barack Obama was elected because he was gonna end all of this. No matter who was to blame for the bickering, Obama was a new kind of politician. Obama was gonna end it. Obama was gonna bring unity and comity and universal respect and get rid of all the old politics and bring on the new politics and everybody just gets along. Remember? And it’s gotten worse than many people can remember it ever being, given their ages.

So here’s Obama, he’s ready to fly off over to Asia for another confab, but he says (paraphrasing), “I can’t go. It’s just too important for me to stay. We’ve got the shutdown. We’ve got the debt limit coming.” This isn’t the first time he’s cancelled an Asia trip. He cancelled an Asia trip to hang in while Obamacare was being voted on and for another reason. The Asians may be getting a complex ’cause he bugs out on ’em so much. But somebody at the White House had some brains because if he’da gone ahead with this trip and had been seen negotiating with those guys, the ChiComs and whoever else he was gonna meet, but refuses to sit down and talk to the Republicans who he’s characterizing in very disparaging terms it would not have looked good, and the optics are what these people care about.



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