FREE SPEECH FIGHT? Confederate flag at center of student, college dispute

Liberals have distorted the War of Northern Aggression into it being all about slavery. When you actually study history you’ll see that it was about states’ rights. This next statement might not come out right, but do you really think a bunch of northerns are going to go off and fight to free people in the south? Silly notion. But the winners of the war get to write the story of the war so the notion of the beginning of the big federal government doesn’t sound as pretty.
Check it out:

A University of Rochester student is accusing the college of violating his First Amendment rights after a residence hall adviser reportedly forced him to remove a Confederate flag from his dorm room window over the “discomfort” it was causing.

Matthew Papay, a 19-year-old sophomore from Weaverville, N.C., says the flag was hanging in the window of his residence hall on campus in early October when graduate house adviser Catherine Christian told him to remove it, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports.

In an Oct. 11 email to Papay, Christian told him that the flag violated the fire code, claiming it was acting as a drape, which is against housing policy.

Papay then removed the flag and replaced it with a paper version after confirming with fire marshals that the new one would comply with regulations.



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