Fabulous Obamacare Success Stories

This is only the beginning of the crazy stories that will come out.
Check it out:

James Taranto, the Wall Street Journal, has a story of a guy named Brendan Mahoney, who did succeed. It’s a Hartford Courant story, and this guy’s being joked about as the man who saved Obamacare. The subhead is: “Great news! They got a 30-year-old dude to sign up!” And here are the details. “Meet Brendan Mahoney, the young man who is saving ObamaCare. He’s 30 years old, a third-year law student at the University of Connecticut. He’s actually been insured for the past three years — in 2011 and 2012 through a $2,400-a-year school-sponsored health plan.” So he’s already got insurance and he went to the exchange. This year he is insured “through ‘a high-deductible, low-premium plan that cost about $39 a month through a UnitedHealthcare subsidiary.'” But even though he already had plan, at 39 bucks a month, “he wanted to see what ObamaCare had to offer.”

“He tried logging in to the exchange’s website at 8:45 a.m. yesterday, which is impressive in itself. Most young people don’t get up that early. ‘He said the system could not verify his identity.'” He’s got insurance, don’t forget. He’s paying $39 a month through a United Health Care subsidiary, high deductible, low premium plan, school-sponsored health plan. When the system couldn’t verify his identity, “he called the toll-free help line, whose operator also encountered computer trouble. ‘But then he logged on a second time, he said, and the system worked.'”

He told the Hartford Courant, “‘Once it got running, it was fast. It really made my day. It’s a lot like TurboTax.’ He obtained insurance through ObamaCare. Now, he says, ‘if I get sick, I’ll definitely go to the doctor.’ Even better, if he stays healthy, he won’t need to go to a doctor, and his premiums will support chronically ill policyholders on the wrong side of 40.”



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