Who Expected Premiums to Skyrocket with Obamacare? We Did!

Health Insurance will become almost useless for a lot of people.
Check it out:

This is the tip of the iceberg, by the way, on identity theft kind of fraud that’s going to happen in Obamacare. Here are a couple pull quotes: “As previously reported, TDCI implemented registration requirements and criminal background checks on people who serve as Obamacare navigators or certified Obamacare application counselors in Tennessee. Such people are responsible for handling the financial or medical information belonging to other individuals,” the navigators.

“Strangely, last month, mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post seemed to condemn Tennessee and other states for implementing these policies, saying they were getting in the way of progress. ‘There is a very palpable concern … that anti-Obamacare state government people will find ways to gum up the works,’ the Post quoted Leonardo Cuello, director of health reform for the National Health Law Program, as saying.”

So Tennessee, trying to keep fraud out of the system a couple weeks ago, was accused of trying to gum it up! Now, speaking of the navigators, we had a story from earlier this week. Headline: “Obamacare ‘Navigator’ Stormed GOP Official’s Property — A Kansas Obamacare ‘navigator’ stormed the property of the Republican secretary of state earlier this year… ‘It is shocking that the Obama administration has hired as a navigator a person who has been caught trespassing and attempting to intimidate a public official,’ Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach …

“‘This kind of thug activity is bad enough, but giving this person federal tax dollars is sickening,’ he added.” It is not “shocking,” is my point. It is not shocking that the regime would hire anti-Republican activists, pro-Obama activists as navigators to intimidate Republicans and others who seek to sign up with this thing. Here’s another one. This is New York Post: “Doctors Worried Sick Over Obamacare — New York doctors are feeling queasy about Obamacare — and many won’t participate in the new national insurance program because they fear they’ll go broke, The Post has learned.



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