These thugs were looking for trouble.
Check it out:

Even the Hells Angels are appalled by a motorcycle gang’s savage beatdown of a father on the West Side Highway — saying the heartless brutes crossed a line when they messed with a family.

“That kind of behavior is unacceptable — and with a kid in the car, nonetheless! I have a 3-year-old niece,” said one biker who was hanging out at the Hells Angels’ East Village headquarters Thursday.

He slammed the thugs for taking the law into their own hands by chasing down and beating Internet executive Alexian Lien, 33, on Sunday after a fender bender on the highway.

“You get the name and license plate and let the cops deal with it. But violence? I don’t condone that,” the biker said.

“If that had been my kid and I was the one driving . . .” he said before stopping himself.

“It’s always a few people who give us all a bad name.”

And giving the Hells Angels a bad name is quite a feat, since the menacing motorcycle club has long been synonymous with high-octane crime and violence.

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