Echoes of impeachment in NSA scandal

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Even Hollywood celebs see shades of Nixon in Obama spy crimes

A group of entertainment celebrities are fed up with the Obama administration’s willingness to spy on American citizens through the National Security Agency, or NSA – even comparing his actions to those exposed by Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

Actors John Cusack, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Will Wheaton join director Oliver Stone, former talk host Phil Donahue and several others appearing in a new video called “Stop Watching Us.”

The video begins with Daniel Ellsberg, the leaker of the “Pentagon Papers” – which revealed bald-faced deception of the American public during Lyndon Johnson’s administration – declaring, “Revelations that have emerged in the past few months from whistleblower Edward Snowden and others [continuing from the mouth of Donahue] have painted a disturbing picture of widespread, suspicionless surveillance of American citizens.”

“Every American is at risk of getting caught up in the NSA dragnet,” Stone warns.

Though the video never mentions Obama by name, it directly alludes to the surveillance scandal that forced another president, Richard Nixon, out of office.



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