Why Doesn’t the Dictator Fix It?

The Dictator might be working up to his epic finish.
Check it out:

Now, here’s my question. If Obama is gonna go out now and play dictator, let’s realize he could play dictator in any direction he wants to go. If he has the power to deny you your grandfathered plan, the one you liked and the one you were told you could keep, and if Obama didn’t know all of this was going on and he didn’t know all of these problems with the website, and if Obama really cares about being truthful and honest with you, then maybe Obama can play dictator and re-grandfather your plan. If he can play dictator and take it away from you, then he can play dictator and fix it, I assume.

If he’s gonna play dictator, if he’s gonna pretend the law is subject to his whims, then let’s all realize that he’d have the power to restore millions of health insurance policies by waiving that’s new Obamacare regulations, which is forcing insurance companies to cancel policies. I mean, let’s be real here. The president of the United States has this health care plan, and it’s supposed to be the best thing under the sun. Your premium’s gonna go down $2,500, and you’re gonna keep your plan. Everybody’s gonna be insured; everybody’s gonna get treatment. It’s gonna be cheaper. It’s a panacea. It’s utopia, but it’s not turning out that way.

Well, he loves you, he has compassion for you, cares about the little guy. Why doesn’t he get mad at all these people being canceled and go in there and fix it? If he can play dictator and take things away, why can’t he play dictator and give ’em back? Why doesn’t he fix it? He knows people are being canceled in the hundreds of thousands. Why doesn’t he fix it, if he really cares about you? He told us if Congress didn’t give him everything he wanted he would simply do it himself. Obama has said, again, folks — and we’ve played the sound bite — “Well, if Congress won’t do it, I’ll just go in, I’ll take care of it myself.” So he’s willing to play dictator.



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