The Most Dishonest President Ever?

Obama has told so many lies that his lies even have lies.
Check it out:

I just listened to a little bit of Obama at his press conference, and it is obvious that you didn’t get scared enough over what the Republicans are trying to do with the shutdown and Obamacare. So now he’s really piling it on in this thing, and it is so over the top. And, folks, what he said is just not true. I mean, from start to finish, what he said about the debt limit is not true. The Republicans have got to come out when this is over, somebody has to go to a microphone and correct this ASAP.

He’s using words like “nuclear bomb,” “hold hostage.” He said, “The American people don’t get to demand a ransom when they have to pay their mortgage.” The American people also don’t get to pay their mortgage by raising their debt limit and going to the Fed, Mr. President, and having them print money for it.

I’m asking myself if we have ever had, as I listen to it, and I’m not exaggerating, I’m asking, in my lifetime, have we ever had a more dishonest president? I mean, with all due respect, what he just said about the debt limit is… Well, I don’t know how to characterize it. It was dead wrong. This is a man who voted twice against raising the debt ceiling when he was a senator. He did it once in March of 2006 and again in September of 2007. So it obviously can’t be a crime against humanity. Now, what he said was that — and he reiterated it. He said (paraphrasing), “Just because we raise the debt limit doesn’t mean we’re gonna go into more debt. The Republicans want you to believe that that’s what we’re gonna do.” And he said, “If we don’t raise the debt limit, we will not be able to pay our bills.” And Warren Buffett has called that a nuclear bomb, and he quoted a couple of other people.

I’m telling you, don’t take my word for it. He’s lying. Or let me say it a different way. He’s wrong. That is so incorrect. We will not default with the debt limit where it is. It’s not even possible, folks. Every month the federal government collects income and other tax revenue, and the amount of revenue that the government collects every month is much more than is needed to pay our bills, and paying our bills is essentially paying the interest on the debt. That’s it. And we have the money to do that, whether the debt limit changes or not, and he is just making it up when he tells people otherwise.



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