Democrats Want to Shut the Country Down

Liberals are ruining this country.
Check it out:

Mandatory spending does not get shut down in this kind of framework. You know what you really need to do if you really want that lake opened, you need to call Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has simply refused to shut down the things in Wisconsin the federal government has ordered shut down. They’re paying for it as well. So there are a lot of parks in Wisconsin that the Feds tried to shut down and Scott Walker said, “Nope.

“You don’t have total authority here because we spend some money on ’em ourselves and we’re not shutting down.” If you go to Arizona, the federal government has shut down the Grand Canyon. You cannot go to the bottom of the biggest hole in the country ’cause they’ve shut it down. The State of Arizona wanted to pay their own money to reopen it. Obviously, it’s a tourist site. The federal government is denying permission for the state of Arizona to open the Grand Canyon.

The AP story on this is fascinating, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Regime has a war on Arizona. The AP: “Arizona Governor Rejected in Offer to Reopen Grand Canyon — Arizona’s Republican leaders, known for picking fights with the federal government…” Oh, how horrible they are! Is that what Arizona Republican leaders are known for, “picking fights with the federal government”? How about Arizona Republican leaders are known for defending the Constitution in their state, AP?



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