Democrats Exploit Capitol Shooting

Liberals don’t want to waste a crisis.
Check it out:

I rushed to the Capitol after reports of a shooting yesterday afternoon and found a California congressman who had just had an unnerving encounter with the police.

Juan Vargas told a knot of reporters that he heard two pops, that a policeman running like a “maniac” had told him that two Capitol officers had been shot, and that he should take off his congressional pin because “you could be a target.”

Then the Democratic lawmaker said something quite telling. In light of the budget impasse, Vargas said, “the rhetoric is unfortunate, it’s so high. It does bring out the crazies.”

Now this was sheer speculation on his part. But it did make me reflect on the contrast between the manufactured crisis that forced the government shutdown and the real-life attack on government employees, to which the public workers known as police officers and Secret Service agents quickly responded.

In fact, the Boston Globe reported, “U.S. Capitol Police on the plaza around the Capitol said they were working without pay as the result of the shutdown.” (I know they will most likely get back pay, but still, that shows a level of dedication.)



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