Democrats Blast Republicans at Hearing on the Failure of the Obamacare Website

Why can’t liberals ever just admit they were wrong?
Check it out:

Why wasn’t that happening here? We’ve got supposedly the most messianic, inspirational, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a politician ever in Barack Obama, and this is the bill deal. I mean, this is the cat’s meow. This is the piece de resistance. Where were all these people making sure it worked for Obama? Where were all these people doing it for Obama? Where were all these people doing it for the country? Where were all these people doing it for the party? Where were all these people doing it for the cause?

Nobody was. And that comes from the top, and I’m telling you, Obama still to this day doesn’t care about any of this because this isn’t what the big deal is to him. This is just a bump in the road on the way. This doesn’t matter to anything. He’s a forward thinker. He’s already three, four years down the line while we muddle our way through this. And in Obama’s life, everything did get taken care of. Everything got done. Every school he wanted it, he got in. Needed a grade, he got it. Law review, got it. President, law review, got it. Obama’s way has been paved. He’s got a lifetime of expectation. It’s all gonna work out. Let Kathleen take care of it, whoever, it’ll work somehow, somewhere, someday, it will end up working. I don’t care what happens between now and then, it’ll work. That’s his attitude.

So he goes out and says, “You’re gonna keep your doctor.” No, doesn’t matter, because in the end you’re not gonna be able to anyway, but whatever it takes to keep you in line. “Premiums coming down $2,500.” He may actually be saying things he wishes he could make happen and by force of will because he wants it to, it will, maybe that’s his makeup, I don’t know. But I’m telling you, all of this, even now, the only reason he cares about it is because image, optics. That’s why he jumped both feet today in immigration reform and amnesty. I mean, full boat, which we’ll get to in due course.



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