Deadly shooting at Nevada middle school

We seem to have made a culture of not being able to deal with bullies. You’re hearing quietly in different reports on how this kid was picked on and even commented on this before shooting. Obviously he had enough and snapped.
One thing I have noticed in our whole being bullied culture is how we have neglected teaching the victims of being bullied how to stand up to bullies. We need to teach our kids that it is ok to stand up for themselves. That it doesn’t matter what ignorant bullies think. And that if you punch the bully in the nose, he might punch you back, but most likely will leave you alone in the future. Bullies are really just wimps who think they need someone to pick on. Yes, the bullies are wrong, but it is wrong not to teach people to stand up for themselves.

Check it out:

But for whatever reason, the boy, whom authorities have not identified, took his parents’ handgun to school, a federal law enforcement source said.

“I believe it was because I saw him getting bullied a couple of times, and I think he took out his bullying,” Amaya said.

Amaya said she thought the two students at the Nevada school were friends of the shooter.

But “it’s too early to say whether he was targeting specific people or just going on an indiscriminate shooting spree,” Reno police Deputy Chief Tom Robinson said.



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