Dancing with Mary Jane

Of course eventually liberals will want government provided marijuana. Isn’t there enough in life to do instead of drugs?
Check it out:

Gallup reported yesterday that for the first time, a majority of Americans favor legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana. For those who have followed the polling on this issue, this was not a surprise, as trend lines have been moving in this direction for years. What is a surprise is that the question was not particularly close, with marijuana legalization winning by an astounding 58-39 margin.

My own views on this question are less informed by the question of marijuana legalization per se, and more by the insidious side effects of the Drug War and our national drug policy. In my view, the purported need for police enforcement of drug laws has led to unnecessary militarization of local police forces, the expansion and proliferation of law enforcement intrusion into increasing spheres of our personal liberty, and contributed to the very real problem of overcriminalization. Not to mention, our borderline insane drug sentencing policy has done virtually nothing to reduce the incidence of drug use and has contributed greatly to strain on federal and state budgets.




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