What a Crock! Regime Predicts Economic Disaster from Two-Week Partial Government Shutdown

Obama never takes the blame for anything.
Check it out:

They’re trying to blame all of this economic downturn on the shutdown. We are supposed to believe that employers did not hire in September because they were afraid of a possible government shutdown in October. Yes, you see, that’s how things work. See, everybody’s so focused on government, that they weren’t gonna hire anybody at The ABC Acme Widget Company because there might be a government shutdown in October. So they didn’t hire anybody in September. That’s what we’re supposed to believe.

These are just anecdotes. That’s what Obama and Carney call all these reports from employers who say they aren’t hiring people, or they’re moving ’em to part-time work, because of Obamacare, just anecdotes. And, by the way, the regime is now denying that there’s an increase in part-time hiring. They’re literally denying it, just openly denying it. It’s another thing that set Jon Stewart off. That’s just a flat-out lie, it’s an insult to his intelligence. That’s one reason he called it a turd last night. That’s perfectly permissible terminology in low-information newscasts, call something a turd. It works. It works.



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