Conservatism Isn’t the Problem

Conservatism isn’t tried very often. We need to embrace it and have a true conservative government in order to get our country back on track.
Check it out:

It isn’t that conservatism can’t win, because it can and does and will win again. So I want to here and now reject the statement by Bernie Goldberg that I couldn’t win because I’m conservative. Now, I don’t want to be president, don’t misunderstand, but I’m saying if I did want to be, it’s not my ideas that would seal my defeat. It’s not what I believe. It’s not my view of this country. It’s not my love and devotion to this country and what it stands for and how was it founded that would result in my defeat. It would be the demonization that’s taken place over the last 25 years ago. And why has that happened? I’m just a guy on the radio.

I’m just a guy on the radio who they have lumped into the political system and treat me as though I am a political leader and a candidate, and they treat me as somebody who is out seeking votes, and then they judge my success or failure on that basis, when I’m not even in that business. I take it as a great compliment, don’t misunderstand, I’m not complaining about any of this. It’s just the lay of the land. It’s simply the way it is. And this fact is what has resulted in such fear from the top to the bottom of the Republican Party. The Republican Party knows everything, and they believe, just like Bernie Goldberg said here, that conservatism is the problem.

That’s why they think they can eliminate, or if not eliminate, they can marginalize this demonization if they are also a little bit for amnesty, and if they moderate on abortion and a woman’s right to choose, or if they go along with some form of national health care. And of course that’s guaranteed to lose because then they’re just pretenders, they’re not the real deal. The Democrats are the real leftists. But it has resulted in so many people, and not just politicians on the Republican side, but Republican media people being literally cowed, literally scared to death.



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