Congressman embarrasses son to praise Obamacare

Wow. Time for your son to cut the cord. Not to mention I doubt your story about the savings.
Check it out:

Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Pa.: “One of my 4 kids is self-employed. He’s 33 years old. He’s paying about $140 a month right now for a Blue Cross plan. He’s eligible for a subsidy. We browsed that site. He’s going to be able to get coverage for about half what he’s paying right now and that’s good news for us, because I think my wife is paying his premiums. So I think we’re going to save the money. But I think it’s important — we had to prod him to go on that site and enroll — and I think for a lot of young people, they’re not going to do it unless it’s easy, so it’s important we get that fixed.”



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