Why Does Condi Rice Have College Football in an Uproar?

It’s always something among liberals.
Check it out:

Well, it turns out that Pat Dye is not the first football guy to rip into Condoleezza Rice for being chosen to be on the college football playoff selection committee. David Pollack, who is an analyst on college football on ESPN, warned the audience he was about to say something unpopular during College GameDay on Saturday, and then according to the UK Daily Mail, launched into a sexist remark.

He said, “Now I’m going to stick my foot in my mouth, probably. I want people on this committee, guys, that can watch tape … Yes, that have played football, that are around football, that can tell you different teams, on tape, not on paper.”

So an ESPN analyst on Saturday ripped into the choice of Condoleezza Rice. “The host Chris Fowler then chimed in, asking directly if Pollack’s proposed requirement, that members must be former players, should preclude women from serving on the committee. ‘So no woman belongs on the committee, then?’ Fowler interjected. Pollack took the bait. ‘You said that… I’ll say it, yeah. Yeah,’ he responded as other panelists stated that they disagreed.” Samantha Ponder, Erin Andrews and Bonnie Bernstein have all reacted. Who the hell is this guy? Shut him up.

What really bothers people here, folks? What is this? Now, with Pat Dye, I think I know what’s going on, but it doesn’t matter, so I’m not gonna tell you. But what really bothers people about this, do you think, Snerdley? Condoleezza Rice, what is she? A, she is a woman. But what else is she? She is a black woman. So far, so good, right? Well, what else is she? She is a Republican woman? She worked for W. And therein lies — (interruption) No, don’t tell me there’s no politics at ESPN. Don’t tell me there’s no politics in football.

What is it about Condoleezza Rice that has all of these people up in arms?



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