CNN: Conservatives ‘Hate America’

Sometimes liberals tell the truth about themselves in the lies they tell about others.
Check it out:

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria is a sanctimonious elitist and a plagiarist besides. Yet he still has a worldwide audience via Global Public Square. And so his rantings do merit comment from time to time, especially when they spread rabid anti-conservative propaganda to the far corners of the globe that do not have anything like the Fox News Channel to provide a mildly alternative perspective on U.S. affairs for an international audience.

Zakaria contended on Sunday’s program that the Tea Party is an extremist group, akin to “radicals, anarchists, Black Panthers or other revolutionary movements.” He claimed that the Tea Party used “extreme rhetoric” (without providing proof) and that conservatives in general had talked about “decay, despair, and decline” for decades. (The opposite is true: conservatives tend to be more optimistic than liberals, who prefer metaphors like the “two Americas” or the Dickensian “99%,” only taking pride in the country when taking power.)



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